About Mod9
Decades of research in deep neural networks, machine learning and automatic speech recognition. Extensive commercial experience in the speech and enterprise communications industry.
Top tier investment.

With increased compliance requirements in regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare and legal. Growing concerns about the storage and security of personal information. An ever-increasing demand for new innovative communications-based solutions so that businesses can gain a competitive edge, the speech market continues to be underserved by the currently available products and solutions.  Many are based on dated technologies or older science, making them prone to inaccuracies, difficult to scale or take advantage of the latest developments in compute processing. Some, exclusively SaaS offerings, unsuitable for regulated industry applications. Mod9 is here to address this shortfall.

The Management Team

Decades of research in neural networks, machine learning and automatic speech recognition at University of California, Berkeley (International Computer Science Institute) and Stanford (Stanford Research Institute). Commercial industry experience with Nuance, Avaya and Dialogic.

Arlo Faria
Founder & CEO

Pioneer in ASR technology and a proven business executive with strong leadership skills. Has led numerous Gov funded ASR research projects and commercial innovative startups.
Ph.D. Computer Science, UC Berkeley.

Adam Janin
Chief Scientist

Sr. Research Scientist with 20+ years of experience in audio processing and ASR. His work in novel neural network architectures lead to the development of the first open corpora of "natural" meetings (ICSI Meeting Corpus).
Ph.D. Computer Science UC Berkeley.
B.S. in Physics, Caltech.

Korbinian Riedhammer

Professor Computer Science at T.H. Nürnberg, Bavaria, Germany. Korbinian specializes in Large Vocabulary ASR (LVSR), keyword search and ML.
Ph.D. Computer Science Erlangen-Nuremburg.

John Gaffney
VP Sales & Marketing

Experienced business executive, proven track record in building partnerships, driving revenue and bringing new innovative solutions to market. Sr. PLM, BD & Sales positions with Dialogic & Avaya, serving the Enterprise Communications and Global CSP markets.
M.A. Math and Philosophy, Trinity College Dublin.

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Industry events and conferences Mod9 plans to participate in, sponsor or attend over the coming months.
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Enterprise Connect

Aug 3-6, 2020
Moscone Center
San Francisco, CA

SpeechTEK 2020

Washington, DC